Recent open access publications

Two of my recent papers published in peer-reviewed journals are now free to access online.

Teachers’ perceptions and practice of social and emotional education in Greece, Spain, Sweden and the United KingdomInternational Journal of Emotional Education, 11(1).
Significant cross-cultural differences were found in social and emotional education (SEE) provision, as well as in teachers’ beliefs about the purpose of SEE. Teacher education in SEE was found to be available to only a minority of teachers in all four countries. In terms of practice, SEE was more likely to be introduced in schools by teachers themselves (or a partnership between teachers and headteachers) rather than by educational policy. Furthermore, the findings show that SEE provision was more likely to be implicit (taken into consideration in existing classes but not taught as a separate subject), than explicit (having dedicated time and curriculum devoted to SEE).
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Towards a Cross-Cultural Conceptual Framework for Researching Social and Emotional EducationIAFOR Journal of Education, 6(3).
A conceptual framework using two dimensions was created in order to aid future cross-cultural research regarding SEE provision and the study of emotional rules in the teaching profession: the Ideal Affect (likelihood of suppressing rather than expressing emotion) and the Ideal Self (likelihood of developing skills for independence versus interdependence).
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